Gearbox for Agricultural Machinery  

Bevel Gear Drives

Chinabase gearboxes are designed to be interchangeable with others. . . only better.Our aluminum split case design provides significantly lower weight, improves heat dissipation and reduces costs.In addition, our right angle gear drives feature taper roller bearings and AGMA Class 8 precision forged gears, which are stronger and tend to run quieter than those found in typical bevel gear drives.You also receive better than competitive pricing, and same day shipment on selected gearboxes.

Bevel Gear Drives

These features make product and economic advantages possible, while enhancing overall quality.

  • Shims are unnecessary
  • Bearing preload and endplay are predetermined and preset
  • Gear lash and gear mesh are preset
  • Stronger aluminum gearcase
  • Aluminum housings increase thermal capacity
  • Stronger gears and shafting
  • 100% final inspection
  • Engineered with the latest industry software
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H130 SERIES Bevel Gear Drives

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